Joseph Potter, son of  ?  and Alice (Waite) Potter Green was born May 7, 1759 at Rhode Island, died February 9, 1835 in Gibson, PA with burial in the family plot on the farm they owned there. Married Lois Guernsey, fourth child of John and Azuba (Buel) Guernsey, was born June 1, 1762 in Dutchess Co. NY. Nine children were born of this union. Married second Margaret Evans (dates unknown). Lois Guernsey's parents settled in Dutchess Co., NY near the CT border. About 1788 Mr. Guernsey was given a Patent of 1000 acres of land on the West side of the Susquehanna River near the bridge at Windsor, Broome Co., NY. On April 16, 1789 Mr. Guernsey was also granted a Patent of 640 acres of land in the Township of Randolph, Broome Co., NY. Joseph Potter married second Margaret Evens dates unknown.

Children of Joseph and Lois (Guernsey) Potter: Noer born Oct. 7, 1779 at Pittsfield, Massachusetts married Lorinda Tiffany; John born Nov. 16, 1782 at Ballston Spa, NY married Polly Washburn; Aley born Dec. 26, 1785 at New Lebanon, NY married Newton Hawley; Lois born April 10, 1788 at Ballston Spa, NY married Otis Stearns; Lucretia born Nov. 14, 1790 married Dalton Tiffany; Ede born June 29, 1793 at Gibson, PA married Daniel Tingley; Parley born Jan. 18, 1796 at Gibson, PA married Philena Norton; Amanda born March 7, 1798 at Gibson, PA married Wheeler Lyon; Cynthia born March 25, 1805 at Gibson, PA married Franklin Finn.

Joseph Potter enlisted in the army Jan. 1, 1776 serving as a private in Capt. David Noble's Company, Col. John Patterson's Massachusetts Regiment. He was near Boston until the evacuation of that place by the British, was on the expedition to Montreal and the retreat of St. Johns, assisted in the fortification of Mount Independence for several months, thence to New Town, PA, crossed the Delaware River on Christmas eve with the troops under General Washington, was in the Battle of Trenton and was discharged Jan. 1, 1777. He served subsequently one month under Capt. White at Hoosick, NY. Mr. Potter was allowed pension on his application executed Sept. 10, 1832 at which time he was living in Gibson Twp., Susq. Co. PA. He was place on the pension roll May 4, 1833 and received $43.33 per annum. His pension certificate was No. 11417. Under the act of June 7, 1832 his pension was allowed to commence from March 4, 1831. He received $129.99 in all.

On July 18, 1798 Joseph Otter, by commission of Gov. Mifflin was made Captain of the Second Company, 4th Regiment, Luzerne Co, PA, Brigade of Militia, for the term of seven years.

Mr. Potter had a brother, Joshua, who joined the Army the same time that he did, but was taken sick in about a week and died the third day after being in the hospital at Cambridge, MA.

From 1788 to 1790 Joseph Potter ran a tavern at Half Moon, which is bounded on the east by the Hudson River and is 15 miles from Albany and 16 miles from Ballston Spa. Half Moon was organized in 1788 and is in Saratoga County, NY.

Leaving Saratoga County they moved to a place on the Susquehanna River near Windsor, NY on land owned by Mrs. Potter's father, John Guernsey.

In the fall of 1791 they purchased land in Gibson Twp., Susq. Co., PA which was then Clifford Twp., Luzerne Co., PA. They removed there on Jan. 26, 1792 being the first white man to move a family into the township and remain there as permanent settlers. Mrs. Potter did not see another woman for the next six months. In 1794 two more families moved into the vicinity.

In 1798 Jotham Pickering removed from a farm in New Milford to what is now Gibson on a farm less than half a mile east of Kennedy Hill, to which he had come with the purpose of uniting his family of children with those of Captain Potter to establish a school. Mr. & Mrs. Pickering lived with the Potters unitl their house was built. Lyman Richardson taught a school in Capt. Potter's house during the winters of 1808 and 1809.

When the Cochecton and Great Bend Turnpike Company was incorporated by an act of the assembly dated March 29, 1804, shares of stock sold for $10 each. On March 19, 1810 Joseph Potter agreed to pay the executors of the Henry Drinker estate $16.35 and twenty-one shares of the Cochecton and Great Bend stock, which was then valued at thityt-three and one third dollars for lots no. 115-117 containing 238 acres and 136 perches at three dollars per acre. At the time of his death, he and his sons Noer and John owned, free of debt, more than a thousand acres of land. 

 Parley Potter kept tavern with his father at the old homestead in 1819. 

In a letter written by Joseph Potter on June 21, 1831 he stated: "I was the step son of Joshua Green who died with the smallpox about forty-five years ago and his wife, my mother also died with the same a few days after in New Lebanon, NY."

Lineage of Capt. Potter's mother: 

Thomas Waite of Portsmouth, RI was born in England about 1615. On July 7, 1630 he was granted land in Portsmouth. On the 14th of December 1640 his estate was divided between his wife Elinor ? and six children. 

Reuben Waite (son of Thomas & Elinor Waite) of Dartmouth, MA received his father's Dartmouth land in the division of his estate and settled there. In 1665 he is enumerated among Dartmouth proprietors appearing in Plymouth Court. He married to Tabitha Loundere. His will, dated 11th October 1707, was proven on Nov. 5th 1707. He died Oct. 17, 1707. His will lists his wife and eight children including two sets of twins. 

Thomas Waite, oldest son of Reuben and Tabitha (Loundere) Waite, born at Dartmouth, MA April 22, 1683 married at Dartmouth, MA to Mary Tripp Jan. 25, 1710. He mortgaged land in Dartmouth March 14, 1714/15. May 2, 1732 was made freeman of East Greenwich, RI. His children's births are recorded at Dartmouth and East Greenwich. Date of death not known. Eight children including twin girls. 

Alice Waite Potter Green, youngest child of Thomas and Mary (Tripp) Waite, born at Greenwich, RI on April 22, 1729. married 1st ? Potter, 2nd Joshua Green. 

John Potter, second child of Joseph and Lois (Guernsey) Potter was born Nov. 16, 1782 at Ballston Spa, NY died March 16, 1854 at Gibson, PA. Married Polly Washburn, daughter of Joseph and ? Washburn. (Joseph Washburn came from Massachusetts and took up land where Bellevue is now situated, in Lackawanna County, and when coal was first brought into use as a fuel large beds of it were found on his property. Not thinking it of value, Washburn sold his coal interest to one Dr. Roberts for a hat. Polly was born in 1786 and died in 1864 at Gibson. They are both buried in the Union Hill Cemetery at Gibson, PA. Ten children.

Francis Orlando Potter, eight child of John and Polly (Washburn) Potter was born June 18, 1824/5 at Gibson, PA and died at North Thompson, PA on Feb. 22, 1877. Married Sept. 11, 1847 to Lucinda Gardner, daughter of Deborah B. (Gardner) and Jabez (Jr.) Gardner, was born September 6, 1829 at Gardner Lake, CT and died at North Thompson on Oct. 18, 1903. Twelve children. They are buried at Union Hill Cemetery in Gibson, PA.

Joshua Francis Potter, fifth child of Francis Orlando and Lucinda (Gardner) Potter was born June 16, 1856 at North Thompson, PA and died Nov. 25, 1935. Married on May 11, 1887 to Cenora Stone, daughter of Knight and Fidelia Patience (Clark) Stone, who was born Oct. 16, 1859 and died Dec. 23, 1930. Burial at Gelatt Cemetery. Joshua was a tax collector, farmer and horseman. Children as follows: Tracy Isaac born Aug. 26, 1888 married Cora Starburd, children Stanley, Myron, Howard and Helen; Arthur F. born Dec. 8, 1889, married Bessie Walker, children Elwood, Harold, Hilda, Norbert and Ivan; Charles E. born Nov. 27, 1891 married Bessie Empet, children Marian, Girton and Josephine; Edward born Aug. 2, 1893 married Huldah Walker, children Edna, Eugene and Mahlon; Ralph Claude born May 20, 1896 married Lois May Sterling, two children Lura Marie (know as Marie) and Lloyd Carl, married 2nd Helen Jacobs Rickard; Noel Stone born Oct. 5, 1898 married Ruth Dann; Francis Joshua born Sept. 17, 1900 married Jeannette Holibrook, children: Junior, Stuart, Evelyn, Janet, Marjorie, Robert, Twila and Linda; Ida Lucinda born Jan. 11, 1904, unmarried.

Ralph Claude Potter, fifth son of Joshua Francis and Cenora (Stone) Potter, was born May 20, 1896, died Aug. 30, 1975. Married on Dec 24, 1918 to Lois May Sterling, daughter of Emerson Llewellyn and Jennie Delphia (Eastman) Sterling, born May 18, 1895 and died July 31, 1968. Burial Mt. View Cemetery, Brooklyn, PA. Daughter Marie and son, Lloyd. Ralph C. married second on July 5, 1969 Helen Jacobs Rickard, born September 16, 1894 died Oct. 4, 1970.

Source: DAR member application 654108 supplement; Potter Family Newsletter ed. by Jeannette Brownell

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