I. John Packer was born in England, came to New England, was living in Groton, New London County, Connecticut in 1651. He married first Elizabeth, daughter of John Friend of Salem, MA. She died in  1674 leaving six children. Married second, June 24, 1678 to Rebecca Wells Latham, daughter of Mary Ruscoe and Hugh Wells, and widow of Thomas Latham. Rebecca Wells was born Jan. 10. 1652 in Whethersfield, CT, and ws living in 1710. John Packer died in  1689 in Groton, CT.

II. James Packer, son of Rebecca Wells Latham and John Packer, baptized Sept. 11, 1681 in Groton CT died April 24, 1765, aged 83 in Groton, CT. He is buried in Packer Cemetery, Groton, CT. He married first, Abigail Avery, daughter of Abigail Cheseborough and John Avery. Abigail Avery was born Jan. 18, 1679 and died Nov. 16, 1722 at age 44. Married second, Elizabeth Springer.

III. Joseph Packer, son of Abigail and Captain James Packer. He was born Nov. 2, 1722 in Groton, CT and died Nov. 28, 1804 aged 82 in Groton, CT. He is buried in the Packer Cemetery in Groton, CT. Married first Eleanor Ashby, daughter of Elizabeth Broods and James Ashby/ Eleanor Ashby was baptized April 21, 1728 in Groton, CT and died Sept. 8, 1778 aged 51. Married second, Ester (Stoddard) Morgan, widow of Joshua Morgan. She died Oct. 28, 1800 at age 90.

IV. James Packer Sr. son of Eleanor Ashby and Joseph Packer was born Sept. 5, 1757 in Groton, CT. Married March 16, 1780, to Catherine Bill, daughter to Sarah Holmes and Benjamin Bill. Catherine was born Oct. 21, 1761 in Groton, CT She died around 1832/3 in Groton. Their seven children were: 1.James Jr. born Feb. 3, 1781 in Groton, married Salina Williams; 2.Eunice born Dec. 29, 1785 married Zebediah Gates; 3. Edward (Sr.) born June 29, 1789 in Groton married Mary (Polly) Lord; 4. Nancy born March 5, 1796 died 1831 unmarried, leaving a will; 5. Dudley Packer born April 25, 1798, died April 13, 1852 married Eleanor Welch.; 6. Caroline born Nov. 27, 1799 married Peter Baker; 7. Austin born Sept. 5, 1801 died April 1, 1859 married Jane Fish

Source: New London Historical Society, New London, CT 06320

IV. continued. James Packer Sr.'s half sister, Desire Packer born around 1786 married her first cousin, Elisha Packer, Jr., born about 1781. Elisha and Desire Packer were the parents of Asa Packer born in Groton, CT Dec. 29, 1805 died May 17, 1879. Asa Packer came to Brooklyn, Susq. Co. PA in 1822 and learned the carpenter's trade from his cousin, Edward Packer (Sr.). Those two assisted Enoch Lord in building the old Universalist Church which stood for many years directly across from the Hill Cemetery (Now called the Mt. View Cemetery across from the Darcy house which is said to have been Edward Packer (Sr.)'s house. Asa Packer moved to Mauch Chunk, PA and was very successful in canal, railroad and coal mining enterprises. He was the founder of Lehigh University and Bethlehem, PA. He was a member of the PA legislature, a congressman a county judge, and ran for governor of PA in 1869 on the Democratic ticket and was defeated. He married Sarah M. Blakeslee of Springville, PA. The Robert Packer hospital in Sayre, PA was named for their son. His home in Mauch Chunk (now called Jim Thorpe, PA) is open to tourists in the summer and is worth seeing. 

V. James Packer Jr., son of Catherine Bill and James Packer Sr., came from Groton, CT in 1812 to Brooklyn, PA. He was a carpenter and left a large family of children. 

VI. Edward Packer Sr. son of Catherine Bill and James Packer, Sr.,  born June 29, 1789 in Groton, CT died May 13, 1832 in Brooklyn, Susq. Co, PA aged 42 years 10 mo. and 14 days. Family lore says he committed suicide. He is buried in the Hill Cemetery, Brooklyn, PA. He was a carpenter and came to Brooklyn in 1812 with his brother James Packer, Jr. He was a justice of the peace, later county commissioner but moved early to the Packer homestead just across from the Hill Cemetery in Brooklyn, PA Married about 1814 to Mary (Polly) Lord, daughter of Mary Mack and Josiah Lord, Sr. After 1840 she left Brooklyn to live with her children and is buried elsewhere. Their children were: 1. Edward Packer, Jr. 2. Joseph Lines Packer, 3. Charles Packer, 4. Dudley Bill Packer, 5. Albert Packer, 6. Elisha Packer, 7. Mary Catherine Packer, and,  8. Samuel B. Packer.  (Dudley's great-granddaughter, Effie says that her father told her that he once went to Trenton, NJ with his uncle Sam who pointed out many buildings that he owned along the street there.) 

VII. Dudley B. Packer son of Mary Lord and Edward Packer, Sr. born in Brooklyn, PA Sept. 2, 1821 married Lydia Emeline Lord, his first cousin , daughter to Matilda Mack and Elisha Lord of Lathrop Twp. He died March 5, 1891.

VIII. Elbert Alexander Packer, son of Lydia E. Lord and Dudley B. Packer born April 1, 1856 in Brooklyn, PA. 

Sources: History of Brooklyn, PA by Edwin A. Weston, pp. 105,6, and 158; DAR member application 654108 supplement.

The children of Elbert and Effie Carpenter Packer were Maude, Harris, Alexander, and Grover. Grover Cleveland Packer was born Jan. 16, 1886 and died April 21, 1962.  He married Olive Adie Mead a.k.a. Ada Tyler whose indenture can be found in Montrose at the courthouse. She was "adopted" from the county poorhouse at the age of four by Ellis Tyler. 

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