Our Revolutionary War Ancestors
Benjamin Bill

Benjamin Bill was a soldier in the Battle of Groton Heights, CT. He was the ancestor of Ralph Potter's daughter-in-law.

Source: Connecticut Men in the Revolution p. 649   

David Gardner, Sr.

 The Gardners were ancestors of Lucinda Gardner who married Francis Orlando Potter, the grandson of Capt. Joseph Potter. 

David was a revolutionary soldier, first in Capt. Durkee's 3rd Company, under General Putnam from May 18, 1775 to Dec. 10, 1776. He was a Corporal in Capt. Jedediah Hyde's Company Oct. 15, 1777 to Dec. 31, 1779. Again a Private in Capt. Allyn's Company from May 1st to Dec. 31, 1781. 

Source: Gardiner-Gardner Genealogy compiled by Clara Gardner Miller and John Milton Stanton, p. 56. This book is available at the Montrose Historical Society, Montrose, PA

Note: Two of David Gardner, Sr.'s grandchildren who were children of his sons David, Jr. and Isaac, were cousins who married each other. Hence we are descended from David Sr., David Jr. and Isaac, who all served in the American Revolution.  

David Gardner, Jr.

David, Jr., was a Private in the Connecticut Militia and was a pensioner under the Act of 1818.

Sources: Gardiner-Gardner Genealogy (1937) compiled by Clara Gardner Miller and John Milton Stanton p. 72-3; DAR Patriot List Centennial Edition Part II, p. 1123, Connecticut in the Revolutionary War, p. 634; Connecticut Men in the Revolution, pp. 54, 187, 333, 634

Isaac Gardner

The Veteran's Administration, Washington, DC gives the following: "While residing in that part of Norwich, CT, which was later Bozrah, New London County, he enlisted about July 1, 1779, and served eight months as a private in Capt. Lee Lay's Co., Colonel Levi Well's CT regiment stationed most of the time at New London, CT. He was allowed pension on his application executed July 14, 1832." 

Sources: Connecticut in the Revolution, pp. 556 and 655, gives his service and lists him as pensioner in 1832. See also History of Montville by H.A. Baker, pp.96, 98, and 548. Veterans' Administration, Washington, DC

Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson was an ancestor of Lois Sterling who married Ralph Potter.

Joshua Jackson who resided at Rowley, MA during the revolution was a Private in Capt. James Mallon's Co. He enlisted Oct. 8, 1779, discharged Nov. 10, 1779, service 1 mo. 5 days, under Maj. Gen Hancock at Castle Island; company raised in Essex Co. to reinforce Continental Army for  3 month, also, Capt. James Mallon's Co, Lieut. Col. Putnam's Regt; enlisted Aug. 18, 1781, discharged Dec. 4, 1781, service 3 mos. 28 days, including 12 days (240 miles) travel home, regiment raised in Essex and Plymouth counties to reinforce Continental Army for  3 months. 

Sources: Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, Vol. 8, p. 677; Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files, Vol. 2: F-M, abstracted by Virgil D. White: p. 1813 shows Joshua, Eleanor and sons including Joseph in Susquehanna Co., PA when pension was applied for.

Joseph Potter

Joseph Potter enlisted in the army Jan. 1, 1776 serving as a private in Capt. David Noble's Company, Col. John Patterson's Massachusetts Regiment. He was near Boston until the evacuation of that place by the British, was on the expedition to Montreal and the retreat of St. Johns, assisted in the fortification of Mount Independence for several months, thence to New Town, PA, crossed the Delaware River on Christmas eve with the troops under General Washington, was in the Battle of Trenton and was discharged Jan. 1, 1777. He served subsequently one month under Capt. White at Hoosick, NY. Mr. Potter was allowed pension on his application executed Sept. 10, 1832 at which time he was living in Gibson Twp., Susq. Co. PA. He was place on the pension roll May 4, 1833 and received $43.33 per annum. His pension certificate was No. 11417. Under the act of June 7, 1832 his pension was allowed to commence from March 4, 1831. He received $129.99 in all.

Source: DAR member application #548201

July, 1798 Joseph Potter, by commission of Gov. Mifflin was made Captain of the Second Company, 4th Regiment, Luzerne Co, PA, Brigade of Militia, for the term of seven years.

James Sterling

James Sterling was an ancestor of Lois Sterling who married Ralph Potter

James served in the Revolutionary forces. "James Sterling, though a Quaker, enlisted at Cornwall, June 1776 as a member of Capt. Roger's Company, in the 2nd battalion, Wadsworth's Brigade, raised under an act of the Legislature to reinforce Washington at New York City. The Battalion served on the Brooklyn front a few days before and during the Battle of Long Island, Aug. 27, 1776 and was in retreat from New York, Aug 29-30. It was stationed at New York under General Putnam and narrowly escaped capture on the retreat from the city Sept. 15th. The were posted on Harlem (Washington) Heights until the Battle of White Plains, Oct. 28, 1776 in which the Battalion was engaged and suffered some loss. James was mustered out with the company Dec. 25, 1776, and returned to his home. 

 James may have enlisted again as there is a tradition that he was in the Battle of Trenton. 

Source: CT Men in the Revolution by Henry P. Johnston 

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