Our DNA Project


The purpose of DNA testing in doing genealogy research is to find and identify other individuals, previously unknown to us, who descend from the same common ancestor. For the most part, we are only interested in male individuals who have the same surname. In this case, it is Potter. We tested Lloyd Potter (1921-2008) so that we would have DNA result for our line of Potters, descendants of Joseph Potter 1759-1835. We never have been able to identify Joseph's ancestors on paper, but now there is the possibility of identifying them through the research of other Potters whose DNA matches or closely matches Lloyd's. 

As it now stands, we have two other male Potter individuals, not descendants of Joseph, whose DNA matches each other exactly, 37/37 markers, and they match Lloyd's 36/37markers, which is very close. This would indicate that all three descend from the same common ancestor, possibly within 10-12 generations back. None of the three has been tied together on paper, as yet, but possibly tomorrow or the next day. Any male Potter may go to www.familytreedna.com and be tested through the Potter Surname Project and have their results compared with all other participants in the project.*

 * source: Jerry Davis 

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