Our Annual Meeting


The Potter-Washburn Reunion meets every year on the third Saturday of August at the Gibson Grange Hall on Route 92 in Gelatt, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.

We arrive at the Grange Hall at about 10:30am. Everyone brings food to share and we have lunch at noon. Lunch is followed by a short business meeting which includes door prizes and introductions all around.



The entrance and parking are in the back.




The Grange Hall as seen northbound on Route 92.




The combined family reunion has functioned for many years. Up until the 50th reunion of the Potters, the group met at various family homes. Since, and including the 50th, the reunions have been held at the Gibson Grange Hall in Gelatt. The Potter reunion was started in 1888 and the Washburn reunion was begun in 1896. The group above attended the reunion in 2009.

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