John Guernsey, progenitor of the Guernsey family in America appears in Milford, CT about 1634 and settled there having come from the Isle of Guernsey, near England. (History of Waterbury, CT by Bronson, Appendix p. 491) Two children, John and Joseph who was born in 1630.

Joseph Guernsey, son of John and ? Guernsey, was born in 1630 and married on April 10, 1663 to Hannah Coley, daughter of Samuel Coley, Sr. they resided at Milford, CT where he was a "Free Planter." Two children: Joseph born 1674 and Hannah.

Joseph Guernsey, son of Joseph and Hannah (Coley) Guernsey, was born at Milford, CT in 1674. He was a large land owner. He married Hannah Disbrow, daughter of General Disbrow. Joseph Guernsey died at Woodbury, CT on Sept. 15,1754. Five sons and a daughter.

John Guernsey, fourth son of Joseph and Hannah (Disbrow) Guernsey, was born at Waterbury, CT on Oct. 28, 1734. Died Feb. 27, 1799 and is buried at Amenia, NY near the grave of his father. Married on March 24, 1757 to Azuba Buel. she died June 24, 1789 at Amenia, NY and is buried there. Fifteen children. About 1788 John Guernsey was given a patent for 1000 acres of land on the west side of the Susquehanna River near the bridge which was build in 1840 in what is now the town of Windsor, Broome Co., NY. On April 16, 1700 he had also received a patent for 630 acres of land in Randelph, Broome, Co., NY (Broome Co. History).

The children of John and Azuba (Buel) Guernsey: Isaac born Jan. 25, 1758; Azubeh born July 6, 1759 married Daniel Green; Sarah born Aug. 30, 1760 married Higley Roswell; Lois born June 1, 1762 in Dutchess Co., NY married Joseph Potter; Rachel born 1763 at Amenia, NY married ? Powers; Ebenezer born 1765 at Amenia, NY; Rhoda born 1767 at Amenia, NY married Frederick Goodell; John born 1768 at Amenia, NY; Peter born 1770 at Amenia, NY; Joseph born 1772 at Amenia NY; Lydia born 1772 at Amenia, NY married Elijah Smith; Ezekiel born 1775 at Amenia, NY; Samuel born 1776; Anna born 1770 married ? Powell; David born February 26, 1781 at New City, NY.

Frederick Goodell came from CT in 1787 and settled on the Susquehanna River three miles above Windsor, NY. In 1798 he removed to the Randolph section on land owned by his father-in-law, John Guernsey. This section was a wilderness then. Their son Ezekiel was a local Methodist minister. They had two other sons, Samuel and William. The first death in the town of Windsor was Rhoda Guernsey Goodell who died July 11, 1803, aged 37 years. He died April 1806 aged 45 years. They are buried in the Lester cemetery. The first Methodist sermon was preached at the home of Mr. Jewett in 1799 and a class was formed soon after. Among the members were Frederick Goodell and wife Rhoda and son William. Mr. Goodell had been raised a Congregationalist while his wife was a Baptist from Dutchess Co., NY. The class was organized at the home of Roswell Higley. 

Roswell Higley settled early in the town of Windsor in what was then known as the Higley settlement, two miles west of Windsor in 1820 and again from 1826-1828. 

About 1797 Ezekiel Guernsey located in the town of Windsor and practiced medicine about two years. The then returned to Dutchess Co., NY from whence he had come. 

When the Presbyterian Church was organized at what is now called Colesville in the town of Windsor in  1793 David and Isaac Guernsey were listed as members.

Ebenezer and John Guernsey are listed as members of the Albany County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) Sixth Regiment. Also Joseph Potter. 

John Guernsey's 1000 acres on the west side of the Susquehanna River was left to his sons but has since passed from the family. 

Sources: p. 59 of Broome County Illustrated, printed in 1895; pp. 498, 749, 767-768 of History of Wyoming Conference; pp.273-279 of History of Broome County, NY by H.P. Smith.

Joseph Guernsey married Sarah Rexford of Windsor, NY. They came to the north boundary of Brooklyn, PA adjoining Bridgewater where he built a residence. He built a carding mill in Brooklyn on the Hop Bottom Creek. He died suddenly away from home which he had left only a short time before. Their children were: Hiram C. born 1801 at Brooklyn, PA and died there in 1871, married Maria R. Watrous, daughter of Benjamin C. and Lucy (Spencer) Watrous. She was born Feb 9, 1807 at Middleburg, Schoharie Co., N and came with her parents to Bridgewater in 1818. They had eleven children: Joseph W, a soldier in the War of 1812; Sophia who married Peter Williams: Eliza who married William Alworth; Levi; John M. and Peter B.

Note: History of Brooklyn, PA by E. A. Weston. Mr. Weston is incorrect. Joseph's parents-wrong wife to John and if they did come from the Isle of Guernsey it was some five generations earlier. 

Addendum: Names of children of John and Ann (Peck) Guernsey as follows: Anna, Peter, Nathan, Dorcas, Noah, Lois, John-born Oct. 28, 1734, Daniel, Eunice and Isaac. 

Source: Garnsey-Geurnsey Genealogy; History of Brooklyn by E.A. Weston

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