The Gardiner-Gardners are descended from 15 of the 25 Sureties for the Magna Charta. "To be lineally descended from the Englishmen who participated in the celebrated struggle with King John for his confirmation of the Great Charter of Liberties, the foundation of our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, is a matter we can take pride in."

30. Sir Thomas Gardiner, Knight, of Collynbyn Hall, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, died in 1492. He married Elizabeth Beaumont, seventh child of Thomas Beaumont, Gentleman, Lord of the Manor of Whitley-Beaumont, West Riding of Yorkshire, and his wife, Elizabeth Neville, who was the daughter of Robert Neville, Gentleman, of Liversege, whose wife was Agnes Scargill "of an old Norman family." Through this marriage, their descendants trace their lineage to Charlemagne. Among their children were: Thomas Gardiner, Gentleman, died 1520 married Joan, and William Gardiner, Gentleman, died Oct. 14, 1535, married Anna de la Grove. (See below)

31. Thomas Gardiner, Gentleman, son of Sir Thomas and Elizabeth (Beaumont) Gardiner, married Joan, last name unknown, who died in 1559. He was of the Manor Kennesley, Standon Parish, Herts, in 1510. He was Esquire of Sir Thomas Darcy when he was made Knight of the Bath, Nov. 29, 1485. 

32. Henry Gardiner, third son of Thomas and Joan Gardiner, lived in London. Wife's name unknown.

33. Henry Gardiner, Gentleman, son of Henry "of London" was probably born about 1500, died 1564. He was an M.A. of Oxford, Feb. 19, 1520/21. He was of Jenyngsbury, Hertfordshire and also of London. Name of first wife unknown, two sons and a daughter. Married second Mary Haward, daughter and heirress of Michael Haward of Jenyngsbury, Herts., and London. Three sons and two daughters born of this union. 

34. Rev. Michael Gardiner, Gentleman, son of Henry and Mary (Haward) Gardiner, was born in 1552, died in Greenford Magna, County Middlesex, England on August 22, 1630. He married in Au Sanes, County Hertford on September 1, 1583, Margaret Browne (a descendant of Sir Thomas Gardiner-no. 30). She was born in 1562 and died at Greenford Magna on March 17, 1623. She was a daughter of Thomas Browne, Gentleman, and his wife Alice Chapman. 

30 Sir Thomas Gardiner married Elizabeth Beaumont and had two sons, Thomas and William. William Gardiner married Anna de la Grove, daughter of Hugh de la Grove, Gentleman, of Grove Place, County Bucks. William Gardiner, Gentleman, was of London and also of the Manor of the Vacke in the Parish of Chalfont, ST. Giles, Buckinghamshire. He died Oct. 14, 1535. Their daughter was Anne Gardiner, married Robert Browne, Gentleman, son of John Browne, Gentleman of Bekonsfield, County Bucks., and his wife Catherine, daughter of John Stoke of Carleton, County Bedford. This John Browne was the son of John Browne. John Browne, son of Robert and Anne, married Alice, daughter of Henry Illesworth, Gentleman. Their son was Thomas Brown, Gentleman (B.A. Oxford), second son who died March 1534/5. His son was Thomas Browne, Gentleman, Alderman of London and President of the Honorable Company of Merchant Tailors. He married Alice, daughter of Thomas Chapman, Gentleman, of Saxlyngham, Norfolk, who was son of Alexander Chapman, Gentleman, of Raynsthorpe Hall, Norfolk. 

Margaret Browne, daughter of Thomas and Alice (Chapman) Browne, married Rev. Michael Gardiner. (See no. 34) Rev. Michael Gardiner became Rector of Holy Cross Church, Greensford, Middlesex on April 16, 1584 and remained there until his death. He served as rector for some 46 years. A monument in memory of him and his wife is in the Chancel of the church. Five sons and a daughter are listed in the baptismal records at this church. 

35. George Gardiner, fifth son and the youngest child of Rev. Michael and Margaret (Browne) Gardiner, was baptized at Holy Cross Church on Feb. 15, 1599. He married at St. James's Parish Church, Clerkenwell, London on March 29, 1630, Sara Slaughter. She was probably of the ancient family of Slaughter Manor in the One Hundred of Slaughter, County Gloucester. A certified copy of the entry of marriage exists. At least one child was born to this union, some say three. George Gardiner emigrated to New England about 1637 probably on "The Fellowship" landing in Boston. In 1638 he settled at Portsmouth, Rhode Island at which no mention is made of his wife. Sometime between 1644 and 1646 George Gardiner and Horod (Herodias) Long contracted a common law marriaage which lasted 18-20 years. The assembly sitting at Newport May 3, 1665 listened to Horod's petition for support. Asked if she would return to George Gardiner "and live with him as a wife should doe", her answer was a "plain and absolute refusal." When asked if he desired her return, he said he "was free to accept her if she were free, and did desire her to return, notwithstanding that agreement of theirs to live apart." Robert Stanton, the close friend of George Gardiner, testified that one night "being at his house both of them did say before him and his wife that they did take one the other as man and wife."  This agreement, before two witnesses, established the legality of their marriage according to the custom of many of the Quakers both in the Colonies and Great Britain. They were censured and George and Horod were required "to pay into the publicke treasury the summe of f20 each of them." The assembly immediately enacted a new marriage law requiring formal marriage in the future and providing "all such (common law) marriages at present existing should be regarded as good, firm, and authentic....neither shall any take advantage thereby to leave husband or wife, neither shall the children be reputed illegitimate." Four sons and two daughters were born of this "union." His third wife was Lydia (Ballou) Gardiner and they had three sons and two daughters. All of these children were born in Rhode Island.

36. Benoni Gardiner, son of Sara (Slaughter) and George Gardiner was born in England about1636 and was an infant when his father emigrated to New England. It is supposed he died in 1731. He married Mary, last name unknown. She was born in 1645 and died January 27, 1730 (some records say January 16, 1729.) Benoni accumulated a large property, owning more land than the other Gardiner men in Narragansett where they are said to have been the largest land holders. Five sons and one daughter are listed. The early establishment of the family in Narragansett provided financial benefits to the Gardiners of the third and fourth generation. 

37. Stephen Gardiner, son of Benoni and Mary Gardiner, was born at Kingstown, Rhode Island after 1673, and died at Gardner Lake, New London County, CT either on Feb 9, 1743 or Feb 20, 1744. He married in 1700 Amie Sherman, born at Portsmouth, RI, Oct 25, 1681 and died at Gardner Lake, CT, before  July 27, 1752 when her will was probated at New London, CT.

Lineage of Amie Sherman: 1. Thomas Sherman, Gentleman, died in 1493 in County Norfolk, England. 2. John Sherman, Gentleman, died 1504. 3. Thomas Sherman, Gentleman, died in 1551. He was a lawyer with a large practice in the Court of Common Pleas, a church warden in Yaxley, County Suffolk, where he resided in the time of Henry VIII, Lord of several manors, Deputy Sheriff in 1540 and in 1546. 4. Henry Sherman, Gentleman, born about 1524, died in 1590. He was a clothier in Colchester, County Essex, but resided in Dedham. 5. Henry Sherman, Gentleman, born about 1545 in Dedham and died there in 1610. 6. Samuel Sherman, Gentleman, born in 1574, died in 1615, married Philippa, whose last name was probably Upcher. He was a clothier in Dedham, County Essex, but lived in nearby Ardleigh. He had three sons who all emigrated to America, and three daughters. 7. Philip Sherman was baptised at Dedham, England on Feb. 5, 1610/11, died at Portsmouth, RI in March 1687 . He married  in 1633 Sarah Odding, daughter of Margaret Odding who latter married John Porter of Pettaquamscot. They had five daughters and eight sons. He settled first in Roxbury, Massachusetts, espoused the cause of Anne Hutchinson, was disarmed and banished from the colony in 1638, then went to Rhode Island and was its first "Secretary,"  was a Representative in 1656. He wrote his name Shearman. Sherman was derived from occupation as shearers of cloth. 8. Benjamin Sherman, youngest son of Philip, was born at Portsmouth, RI in 1650, died there Setp. 12, 1719. He married on Dec. 3, 1674 Hannah Mowry, born at Providence, RI on Sept. 28, 1656 and died at Portsmouth in 1718. Hannah Mowry was a daughter of Roger Mowry and Mary Johnson Mowry. Mary Johnson's father was John Johnson of Roxbury, MA who came to New England in Winthrope's fleet in 1630 and was considered to be "one of the fathers of New England." Benjamin and Hannah (Mowry) Sherman had four sons and eight daughters. Amie, the second daughter and fifth child, married Stephen Gardiner. 

37, continued. On March 5, 1731 Stephen Gardiner sold his farm in South Kingstown and moved to Connecticut. In Rhode Island Stephen and his wife Amie were adherents of the Quaker faith but after their removal to Connecticut they were supporters of the congregational Church. Rhode Island descendants retain the "i" in the surname while Stephen upon his removal to Connecticut dropped it, hence the discrepancy in spelling. He was a large landowner as his detailed will attests. Six sons and six daughters. Our lines stem from two of his sons: Daniel and David Gardner. 

38. Daniel Gardner, sixth child of Stephen and Amie (Sherman) Gardner, was born Dec. 14, 1709 at South Kingstown, RI and died at Bozrah, CT before April 7, 1758 when his estate was distributed. In 1735 he married Bathsheba Smith, born 1705, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Rogers) Smith of New London, CT. He inherited his father's acreage with mills thereon bordering Gardner Lake. Three daughters and six sons. 

39. Daniel Gardner, second child and first son of Daniel and Bathsheba (Smith) Gardner was born Oct. 9, 1738 at Gardner Lake, CT and died there on May 12, 1806. He married on July 6, 1763 Elizabeth Clarke of New London, CT who was probably born in 1735 and died July 12, 1806. Both were buried in the Gardner-Bulkeley Cemetery. He was a Private in Capt. N. Wasterman's Company, 20th CT Regt., and was present at Arnold's attack on New London, Sept. 2, 1781. Daniel and Elizabeth (Clarke) Gardner had nine children, seven sons a daughter, and a twin daughter who died. She was a twin of the youngest son. 

40. Jabez Gardner, fourth son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Clarke) Gardner was born Sept. 2, 1770 at Gardner Lake, CT and preceded his father in death about 1800. He married Catherine Gardner, born May 17, 1773, a daughter of David Gardner, Jr. and Dennis (Holmes) Gardner. Her lineage comes down from David Gardner, son of Stephen and Amie (Sherman) Gardner as follows: 1. David Gardner, eleventh child of Stephen and Amie (Sherman) Gardner, was born June 28, 1720 in South Kingstown, RI and died at Gardner Lank, CT on Oct 1, 1796. He married in CT on Oct. 1, 1744 Jemima Gustin, a daughter of John, Jr. and Mary Gustin. Jemima was born at Stonington, CT in Oct, 1720 and died at Gardner Lake in June 1799. David was a revolutionary soldier, first in Capt. Durkee's 3rd Company, under General Putnam from May 18, 1775 to Dec. 10, 1776. He was a Corporal in Capt. Jedediah Hyde's Company Oct. 15, 1777 to Dec. 31, 1779. Again a Private in Capt. Allyn's Company from May 1st to Dec. 31, 1781. Four daughters and two sons. 2. David Gardner, Jr., third child of David and Jemima (Gustin) Gardner, was born April 20, 1753 and died Jan. 20, 1823. He married about 1722, Dennis Holmes who was born in 1752 and died Nov. 14, 1801. Married 2nd, Mary Lathrop and 3rd, Olive Metcalf, who was born in 1759 and died Nov. 8, 1827. David, Jr., was also a Revolutionary soldier and a pensioner under the Act of 1818. He was a farmer in Bozrah, CT and had children by his first two wives. Six sons and three daughters by Dennis and a son by Mary. 2a. Catherine Gardner, oldest child of David, Jr., and Dennis (Holmes) Gardner was born May 17, 1773 and married probably before 1790 Jabez Gardner (No. 40 above). Two sons and two daughters.  3. Isaac Gardner, sixth child of David Gardner and Jemima (Gustin) Gardner was born at Gardner Lake, CT on Nov. 30, 1761, died there May 30, 1834. Married 1st on Jan 3, 1782 Martha Rogers, born Feb 16, 1758, died Feb. 15, 1798. Married 2nd Esther Palmer, a daughter of Rev. Christopher and Debrah )Brown) Palmer and fifth in descent from Walter Palmer (immigrant from Noinghamshire [sic], England before 1632) and his second wife, Rebecca Short. Isaac enlisted July 1, 1779 and served eight months as a private in Capt. Lee Lay's Co., Colonel Levi Well's CT regiment stationed at New London, CT. Five children by Martha and nine by Esther. 3a. Deborah B. Gardner, fourth child of Isaac and Esther (Palmer) Gardner, born in 1804 at Gardner Lake, CT, died April 8, 1843. Married on Nov. 20, 1825, Jabez Gardner, son of Jabez and Catherine (Garder) Gardner. (See No. 41 below)

41. Jabez Gardner, son of Jabez and Catherine (Gardner) Gardner was born Dec. 5, 1800 and died Feb. 10, 1854. He married 1st Deborah B. Gardner (3a above). They were both born in CT and died at Smiley Hollow, Susquehanna Co., PA. They moved to Susq. Co. in 1833. Five daughters and two sons. Married 2nd Electa Potter, daughter of John and Polly (Washburn) Potter. His 2nd wife was a sister of his son-in-law (under no. 42). This second marriage took place on May 27, 1844. There were no children from this union. 

42. Lucinda Gardner, second child and first daughter of Jabez and Deborah (Gardner) Gardner was born Sept. 6, 1829, died Oct. 18, 1903. She was born at Gardner Lake, CT and came to Smiley Hollow (Gibson), Susq. Co., PA when she was six years old. Married on Sept. 11, 1847 to Francis Orlando Potter, son of John and Polly (Washburn) Potter, birth date June 18, 1824 and died at North Thompson on Feb. 22, 1877 from injuries connected with wrestling. Twelve children: Parley Orlando, born Aug. 13, 1848 died March 12, 1856; Deborah Catharine born July 30, 1850 died Jan. 17, 1921 married Fred Sheldon; John J. born June 23, 1852 died Feb. 20, 1854; Mary Ann born April 14, 1854 died March 27, 1930 married John Nelson Sartell; Joshua Francis born June 16, 1856 married Cenora Stone; Amos Comstock born May 16, 1858 died May 15, 1935 married Julia Aner Baxter (Pelton); Sarah Jane born Nov. 5, 1860 died June 21, 1951 married Austen B. Wright; Parley Orlando born Jan. 12, 1863 died March 30, 1943 married Lula Birchell; Electia Lois born Feb. 28, 1865 died August 20, 1930 unmarried; Frankie Lucinda born April 3, 1867 died April 8, 1960 married Ernest Arthur Bloxham; Orville Fayette born April 12, 1869 died Feb. 17, 1932 married Beatrice Clark; Edwin Palmer born June 9, 1872 died ? married 1st Nellie Crane, married 2nd Sarah Burdick. 

43. Joshua Francis Potter, fifth child of Francis Orlando and Lucinda (Gardner) Potter, was born June 16, 1856 at North Thompson, PA and died there on November 25, 1935. Married on May 11, 1887 to Cenora Stone, daughter of Knight and Fidelia Patience (Clark) Stone, who was born October 16, 1859 and died December 23, 1930. Burial at Gelatt Cemetery. Seven sons and a daughter listed in Potter lineage. 

44. Ralph Claude Potter, fifth son of Joshua Francis and Cenora (Stone) Potter, was born May 20, 1896 at North Thompson, PA and died at New Milford, PA on August 30, 1975. Married on Dec. 24, 1918 to Lois May Sterling, daughter of Emerson Llewellyn and Jennie Delphia (Eastman) Sterling at Montrose, PA and died at Binghamton, NY on July 31, 1968. Birth date May 18, 1895. burial at Mt. View Cemetery, Brooklyn, Susq. Co., PA. Two children: Lura Marie born Feb 29, 1920 at Brooklyn, married Anson Walter Tiffany, and Lloyd Carl born May 16, 1921 at Brooklyn, died Oct. 15, 2008 buried at Mt. View Cemetery, Brooklyn, married Effie Anna Packer May 16, 1944. Ralph married second on July 5, 1969 Helen Jacobs Rickard, widow of Clair Rickard, Sr. She was born Sept. 16, 1894 and died Oct. 4, 1970.                                                                                                                                  

Source: Gardiner/Gardner Genealogy compiled by Clara Gardner Miller and John Milton Stanton, date unknown, available at the Montrose Historical Society, Montrose, PA

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