Ebenezer Eastman and his wife, Mary (Fletcher) Eastman are buried at Eastford, CT. Their graves are marked with tombstones. 

Nathan Eastman, Sr., son of Ebenezer and Mary (Fletcher) Eastman, married Aphia Back. they too, are buried at Eastford, CT in marked graves. 

Nathan Eastman, son of Nathan, Sr. and Aphia (Back) Eastman, was born at Ashford, CT Dec. 19, 1795 and died July 20, 1897. Married in 1825 to Lois Kendal, daughter of Elizabeth Sabin and granddaughter of Elizabeth Burnham. Lois was born Jan. 24, 1794 and died Dec. 23, 1861. Both are buried in the South Montrose Cemetery. They came from Connecticut probably in 1828. (Family tradition says they came from England but since there are two generations buried in Ct it seems that their emigration from England was much earlier.) A sister of Lois, Olive Kendal, is buried nearby and a copy of her will is at the Montrose Courthouse. She left a considerable amount of money to Deacon Isaac Kendal of Ashford, CT for publication of a religious pamphlet. Nathan rented land in New York state for two years, then bought land in Jessup Twp. Later they bought a small farm in Springville. Liived with his son in his old age. Four sons and a daughter. 

Nathan Back Eastman, son of Nathan and Lois (Kendal) Eastman, was born June 29, 1828 and died Sept. 9 or 10, 1906. He married on Dec. 23, 1857 Rachel L. White, daughter of Edward and Welthia (Hibbard) White. Rachel was born August 20, 1839 (This date from her daughter's diary written in 1897) and she died May 2 or 4, 1913. Nathan took up land in Lathrop at age 18. He cleared land, built a log cabin and lived alone till his marriage in 1857. He lived here until his death. He is buried at Union Cemetery in Lathrop Twp. in an unmarked grave. They were the parents of three daughters as follows: Ida born 1859 died 1909 married Sam Lord, no children; Jennie born 1863 died 1944 married Emerson Sterling, four daughters and two sons; Rose (Rosa) born 1868 died 1907 married Ed Sweet, one daughter, Myrtle. 

Rachel (White) Sterling became discontented with life on the farm, divorced Nathan, moved to Nicholson and married Milo Saunders. She is buried in Nicholson Cemetery. 

Jennie Delphia Eastman, second daughter of Nathan Back and Rachel L. (White) Eastman, was born in Lathrop Twp. on July 28, 1863 and died in Brooklyn, PA on April 1, 1944. She married on April 10, 1880 Emerson Llewellyn Sterling, son of James Hilliard and Hannah Mary (Brown) Sterling. He was born May 3, 1856 and died Sept. 25, 1941. He was a school teacher for several terms and had Jennie as his student during the winter prior to their marriage in the spring. He visited the west before his marriage, went to the World's Fair at St. Louis in 1904. He had an extensive library and was a voratious reader. they had four daughters and two sons listed in Sterling lineage. 

Lois May Sterling, fifth child of Emerson Llewellyn and Jennie Delphia (Eastman) Sterling was born May 18, 1895, died July 31, 1968. Married Ralph Claude Potter on Dec. 24, 1918. He was a son of Joshua Francis and Cenora (Stone) Potter and was born May 20, 1896 and died in New Milford Twp. on Aug. 30, 1975. Their two children were L. Marie and Lloyd Carl Potter.


Sources: Centennial History of Susquehanna Co., PA by R. Stocker; family notes courtesy L. Marie Potter Tiffany

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