1. Charlemagne married Hildegarde of Suabia.

2. Louis I (The Pious), 3rd son, King of France and Emperor of Germany, married Judith of Bavaria. (Also called Le Debonnaire.)

3. Charles (The Bald), King of France and Emperor of Rome.

4. Judith (widow of Ethelwulph, King of England. She was his 2nd wife.)) She married second in 862, Baldwin I (died 880), Count of Flanders, called Bras de fer. (arms of iron)

5. Baldwin II (The Bald), died 918, Count of Flanders, married Alfritha, daughter of Alfred the Great, King of England and his wife (married 869) Ealswitha, daughter of the Earl of Lincolnshire. (Judith, above, was stepmother of King Alfred.)

6. Arnulph I (The Great), died 965, married Alice, daughter of Herbert or Hubert, second Count of Vermandois, who was also a descendant by direct male line from Charlemagne.

7. Baldwin III (died 962), Count of Flanders and Artois, married Maud, daughter of Herman Billung, Duke of Saxony, a powerful noble.

8. Arnulph II (died 988), Count of Flanders, married Susanna, daughter of Berenger II, King of Italy.

9. Baldwin IV (died 1034) called "Fair Beard," Count of Flanders and Artois, married Ogiva, daughter of Frederick I, Count of Bavaria and Luxembourg. He married (2) Lady Eleanor, daughter of Richard II (The Good), Duke of the Normans, great grandson of Rollo and the grandfather of William the Conqueror.

10. Balewin V (The Pious), died 1067, Count of Flanders, married 1027, Adele, daughter of Robert II, King of France, and widow of Richard III, Duke of Normandy.

11. Maud or Matilda, married 1053, William the Conqueror (1024-1087), 7th Duke of Normandy and King of England.

12. Henry I, King of England, married second Matilda, daughter of King Malcom of Scotland, by Margaret, sister and heiress of Edgar Atheling.

13. Maud or Matilda, widow of Henry IV, Emperor of Germany, married second in 1127, Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, son of Fulk V, Count of Anjou and Maine, King of Jerusalem, and his wife Ermangard.

14. Henry II, King of England, married 1151, Eleanor (died 1202), eldest daughter of William V, Duke of Guienne and Aquitaine, and divorced wife of Louis VII, King of France.

15. John, King of England, married second in 1200, Isabel (died 1246), daughter of Aymer Taillefer, Earl of Angouleme, by wife Alice Courteney.

16. Henry III, King of England, married January 4, 1236, Eleanor (died 1291), daughter of Raymond de Berenger, Count of Provence, and wife, Beatrice of Savoy. (One of her sisters married King Louis IX of France; another married Charles, Count of Anjou and King of Italy.

17. Edward I, King of England, married (1) 1254, Eleanor (died Nov. 27, 1290), daughter of Ferdinand III, King of Castile and Leon, and wife, Joanna, Countess of Ponthieu.

18. Edward II, King of England, married January 28, 1308, Isabella (died August 22, 1357), daughter of Philip IV of France, and wife, Joan of Navarre.

19. Edward III, King of England, married January 24, 1328, Phillippa (died August 15, 1369), daughter of William I, Count of Holland, and his wife, Jeanne de Valois, daughter of Charles of France.

20. John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, married third Katheryn, daughter of Sir Payn Ruet and widow of Sir Hugh Swynford, Knt. (She was sister of the wife of Chaucer the Poet.)

21. Joan Beaufort (the name given the children of John of Gaunt by his wife Katheryn), married first Robert de Ferres, 2nd Lord de Ferres of Wemme. She married second Ralph Neville  (1364-1425) 1st Earl of Westmoreland, and became the stepmother of Ralph Neville (No. 22) who married her daughter, Mary de Ferres.

22. Flaph Neville, 2nd Earl of Westmoreland, son of Ralph and his first wife, Margaret Stafford, married Mary de Ferres, daughter of his stepmother and her first husband, Robert de Ferres.

23. John Neville, married Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Robert Newmarsh.

24. Joan Neville, only daughter and heir, married Sir William Gascoigne.

25. Sir William Gascoigne, married Margaret, daughter of Henry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland, and his wife Eleanor Poynings. This Henry Percy was grandson of Henry Percy called "hotspur," and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Edmund Mortimer, Earl of Marche, and his wife, Phillippa Plantagenet, daughter of Lionel, Duke of Clarence, son of King Edward III. Lionel's wife was Elizabeth de Burgh, direct descendent of King David of Scotland.

26. Margaret Gascoigne, married Sir William Scargill, Knt.

27. Sir William Scargill, Knt., married second Dorothy, daughter of Sir Thomas and Agnes Coniers. Sir Thomas was son of Sir John Coniers and his wife Margaret, daughter of Sir Philip, Lord d'Arcy, and his wife, Eleanor, daughter of Sir Henry Fitzhugh. (The Coniers family is descended from an ancient French family that came into England about the reign of William the conqueror. The name was originally Coigniers. The d'Arcy family has a most illustrious royal ancestry and is descended from several Sureties for the Magna Charta.)

28. Agnes Scargill, married Robert Neville, of Leversedge. He was so of Sir Thomas Neville, Knt., and his wife Alice, daughter of Dr. Thomas Gascoigne, Vice Chancellor of Oxford "a very learned man." He was of the same Gascoigne family as Sir William Gascoigne (No. 25). Sir Thomas Neville was of another branch of the same family as Ralph Neville, First Earl of Westmoreland.

29. Elizabeth Neville, married Thomas Beaufort, Gentleman, Lord of the Manor of Whittley-Beaumont, Yorkshire. (In Burke's "Landed Gentry," 13th edition, page 106, we read: "The ancient and eminent house of Whittley-Beaumont, Yorkshire." In Burke's "History of the Commoners," Vol. 2, pp. 319-320, it says:  "Bellomont or Beaumont, derived from the city of the name in France on the river Sarte."

30. Refer to no. 30 of the Gardiner-Gardner Genealogy.    

Source: Gardiner-Gardner Genealogy compiled by Miller and Stanton

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